Makita LXT211 Lithium Ion Drill and Impact Kit Review

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makita lxt211 kit

The Makita LXT211 is an 18-volt cordless combo kit. It includes a hammer driver-drill and an impact driver. You can find this kit for an average price of $300. Keep reading to learn about some of the tools’ features.


The first tool packaged in the Makita LXT211 combo kit if a 1/2-inch hammer driver-drill. It offers two speeds of 400 RPM and 1,500 RPM. The motor can produce up to 450 inch-pounds of torque. The hammer driver-drill offers a maximum capacity of 1/2-inch in steel, 1.5-inches in wood, and 1/2-inch in masonry.

The hammer driver-drill in the Makita LXT211 also offers a few comfort features. It’s just under nine inches long and weighs just over four pounds. Also, the tool is equipped with an integrated L.E.D light. This will help you see better in dimly-lit conditions. It’s also forward of the trigger.

Impact Driver

The second tool included in the Makita LXT211 combo kit is the variable speed impact driver fitted with a 1/4-inch hex shank. It offers a maximum speed of 0-2,300 RPM and 0-3,200 impacts/minute.

Although the tool only weighs 3.4 pounds, its motor can produce up to 1,330 inch-pounds of torque. There is also an electric bake that helps minimize kickback while immediately stopping the tool. This tool also has an integrated L.E.D. lights to help see in dimly-lit conditions.


The Makita LXT211 combo kit is packaged with two Lithium-Ion 3.0 Ah batteries. The battery provides power through 16 contact terminals to ensure you always have access to high power. These LXT batteries are designed to provide a longer run time as well as 5x less self-discharge.


The Makita LXT211 is packaged with a rapid optimum charger to recharge both of the tools. It only takes 30 minutes to recharge the batteries completely. The charger also has an integrated fan to help cool the battery. This helps it last longer.

The Makita LXT211 is packaged with two tools. The hammer driver-drill offers two speeds of 400 RPM and 1,500 RPM. The impact driver offers a maximum speed of 2,300 RPM and 3,200 impacts/minute. The charger can completely recharge one of the two included batteries in only 30 minutes.

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